Dark Magic II


So, a while back, I came on here inquiring about the Black Knight, and, in the end, I kinda didn’t buy it… :frowning: But I got back into throwing again, and am looking at the Dark Magic II. My biggest worry with it is, it says it’s good for all skill levels, but will it be good for me to learn binding on? I mean, I figure I may as well get a decent throw now than a cheap one, but as long as I can learn on it. I heard in my last thread that if I use a bottle of thick lube in the mean time, I can kinda learn on it because it will be more responsive. Halp please?


i believe it comes with two bearings one for responsive play and one for non, i have a dm1 with poly string and it plays completely non-responsive, and i’ve learned a lot on it. especially many ways to bind.


Thank you. I just read about the two bearings, and I think that’s great. I am so pumped to order it on monday! So I know I should order string with it, but should I get anything else? Bearings, pads, lube, or what?


Thin lube is enough to make my yoyos responsive, but I imagine thick lube would make it even more responsive.
Definitely buy a few strings, I like 50/50 size 6.
An extra set of pads, in case lube touches them, and the glue wears off.
I don’t think you’ll need any extra bearing, but I like terrapin X and center trac.