Need Recommendation on a new yoyo

So a month ago i stopped by my old man’s place, he greeted me with a Duncan Gold i played with as a kid that he had found in a box in the basement. I brought it home and threw it around to amuse my 2 year old boy.

Crap I got hooked, I ran out to toys r us and grabbed a Metal Drifter. Now I am one of them jerks who can learn to do just about anything like it was easy so i outgrew my drifter in about 8 hours, did a bit of reading and found I needed to grab an unresponsive yoyo. My Whip came in the mail quickly, Oh I hate this yoyo! Frustrations galore. Hopped back on the net and grabbed a DM2, a week later grabbed a Burnside and i love them both.

Loaned a friend some cash a while back and he recently payed me back via pay pal, needless to say i now have a decent sum of cash that my wife has no idea exists.
I want to try out some different yoyo’s and am just lost in the seemingly endless choices. So based on loving the dm2 and b-side, what 3 yoyo’s would you recommend?

Well… Both the Burnside and DM2 are very solid yoyo’s so you seem to like a yoyo on the heavier side.

Right now from YYJ there is the Diamond Back that you might really like.

What else can you tell us about what you are looking for? Both the DM2 and Burnside are USA made. Does that matter to you? Or are you ok trying anything out there.

I am open to anything out there, I have giant hands so tend to lean toward the larger yoyo’s so far but as i have not tried a smaller yoyo other than the whip, which in all honesty i have not picked up sense i was working on split the atom and believe most of my frustration was due to not being fluid with my movements at the time and needing more balance and a longer spin time for learning… ok so I threw a few tricks just now, Matrix, Skin the Gerbil and then failed miserably on revolutions. I like the way the whip feels in my hand but once i throw it, its like bouncy? kind of like it wants to run away.

I like how forgiving the DM2 is

I like how smooth the b-side feels in comparison to the others mentioned

Ok so here are a list of what I “think” you might like:

One Drop:



Diamond Back

I must say that you should not get a yoyo unless you know exactly what you want and why you want it. Otherwise, you may spend a lot of money on a really bad yoyo. You haven’t been going long right?

Cool story. I’d say if you want a good yoyo, look at the avalanche, the chief (CLYW), the rally or cascade(OD) or a yoyofactory shutter (Best yoyo for it’s price IMO)

Went with a bvm2, thanks for the responses guys.

Have fun with your new purchase I doubt you’ll be dissapointed

Great choice!!! The BvM2 is a fantastic throw!!!

Ah, the secret stash of cash. Gotta love those. Don’t tell her how much yoyos cost, yet. :wink:

Also, if you do find yourself hooked, don’t worry about getting the “perfect” yoyo. Start getting yoyos you like the look of… you can’t figure out what kind of yoyo you prefer until you try a bunch! Or you might end up like most of us: you like different types on different days.

Have fun with that BvM2! I don’t see how it’s possible you’ll do anything but love it.

If your looking for a new cheap yoyo go for the shutter,it is incredibly stable, great for fast tech and it is very big. It meets all your specifications and is cheap.

have fun with it you wont be disapointed

i dont own a bvm2 but i do know CLYW makes awesome throws ;D ;D ;D ;D