Need People To Review Strings

I need 3 people to review my strings. You must be capable of at least typing up a nicely thought out review, not one sentence. Volunteers? You’ll just receive one indestructible string.

Edit: You’ll get one Indestructible and One Basic… only one color because I really don’t want to spend too much time on looks of the string. If you want to see multi colors made by me, please look in the BST

ohhh me me. ive tested cloud nine strings and buddy jims nor cal inspired and wrote nice reviews. check them out.

EDIT: heres my review for buddy jim:,19601.0.html

and conerleblanc’s cloud 9 :,19043.0.html

i could also do a video review on youtube, along with the written review on yoyoexpert

I’ve been thinking about reviewing, I mean almost all of my posts turn out as walls of text anyhow. I was gonna hit you up and try some of your string out anyhow, I’ll do it if you want :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait… just saying, I thought you were still in the middle east?

I would like to review them, but my reviews aren’t too in depth just the basics of how or how not good it is if thats what you want

I;ll def review for you! I love reviewing string

Im down.I willtalk about how well they hold suicides,loops,slacks,Ect.I will go in depth about the feel of the string,how well it keeps tension and all that.

Lol, no, I am a Disabled Marine Combat Veteran. I have been out of Active Service since Sept '09

i dont ussually jack up a thread like this but just wondering what happened and how i can thank you for defending this contry (usa

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Eh… would it be better to give 3 people 2 strings, or 6 people 1 string each?

Cuz the Basic ones just play a little softer, less flexible than the indestructibles…

3 people 2 strings becuase a string could be defective or break quick

It seems like you have enough reviewers already… but if you need any more… Hit me up. I’d be totally willing to give you a comprehensive review.

I would be more than willing to review your string. I make my own and have written many reviews.

I would be willing to give it a shot. Still a beginner so I could review it from that angle, might be interesting.

Can you pick me because i was about to write a review for my new DM
and ive been playing for two years now

Well Im going to be writing a review for my heavy cream soo.So im going to be busy so imma drop out and let these other people do it.Sorry man.

It’s probably a ways out, but how about a string trade. 5 of mine for 5 of yours. Pm me if your interested.

I’m willing to review.

ill do it, ive reviewed a ton of strings in my before time, be warned though…if your string sucks, you will be getting a 1 sentence review.

Okay… I’m really sorry about this… :-[
But I won’t be making strings. If you want an explanation, read on. Otherwise… yea. Sorry…

What happened was the drill died. It’s over 14 years old, my dad bought it before I was born. So I guess its time had come. And I know many of you are thinking BUY A NEW ONE!!! But I can’t. See, my parents weren’t too eager to let me trade, but I kept on pressing for it, and YES! One successful trade. Then I had to convince them to let me sell string… but my dad was kinda like… fine. But you can kinda tell he’s reluctant. So this and that goes on, and then the drill breaks down. I tell him, and he’s like, no, I’m not gonna buy another one, it’s too expensive, and I’d rather have you spend that time studying. So that’s kinda what happened.

Maybe I’ll be able to get a new one… maybe not, maybe I’ll borrow someone’s, but it’s all up in the air.

I’m really sorry, and I know you guys were expecting the strings… but yea.