Need new advanced tricks to learn

I would prefer ones you made or some really cool ones you guys know

What tricks do you already know?

You could try finger spins or rancid milk.

I can do finger spins but I never heard of rancid milk

Kwijbo suicide and a few others can’t think of them right now

You might like a couple of things I do…

Undermount/Overmount Suicide
(Throw a breakaway, undermount, roll into a regular trapeze…will look like a lindy loop…throw suicide, catch both loops on one finger, drop, bind)

(Throw a breakaway, double or nothing, pop yoyo up, cross th over nth, land in cross arm double or nothing, pop yoyo up, land in double or nothing, repeat, dismount like matrix, bind)
I have varied this trick by making the nth palm downward on cross catch, and other variations by crossing th over nth, palm down, catching cross on the other side… the dismount varies as you can do black hops style hops back to trapeze, do every other hop backward crossed like the trick (see ballistic from gentry), or from the matrix keychain dismount, rolling into a suicide before unwraping into a trapeze

(Throw a breakaway, quad or nothing, dismount like matrix with the extra flip type roll at end to a trapeze, hit triple or nothing, same dismount, hit double or nothing, same dismount but add an extra roll at the end, but near the top of the last roll, let the string unfold all the way, use the yoyo’s unfolding momentum and to help hit a sky bind)
if you are Ed Haponik good, you can quickly land in a lunar stall, which can then regen out into another spin which would lend itself to another sky bind, but from the top or bottom, I am not sure…never completed that part of the trick extension fully

Double or Nothing, or Triple or Nothing to Brent Stole
(Just do the normal nothing move, pop up, pull your throwhand backwards to clear the string, perform a brent stole, dismount, bind)

Double or Nothing Suicide
(Throw a don, flip the loop under your th pointer and catch back on nth pointer without dropping the string on your throwhand pointer…this lands you back into a double or nothing)

1.5 mount repeater
(Throw 1.5 mount, drop nth pointer, roll under your non throw hand pointer, release at apex, remount into 1.5, repeat, dismount, bind)

Sky bind to suicide to bind
(Throw a sky bind, but with less force, catch the loop thst is coming around with your nth pointer, throw what amounts to an undermount suicide, catch with nth pointer, do same suicide motion again, but pinch loop, release at apex, and hit loop with backhand for bind…I think that is called the suicide bind…)

I also have a couple of finger spin tricks I proposed, detailed in a thread called proposed finger spin tricks. I hit the jumprope one, and the get over here bind (not as good as the poster you will read about), but a correctly done double dutch is eluding me so far…but they can be done.

And always remember that most any suicide can become a no-suicide by just landing on trapeze without catching the loop (Ann Connaly’s trick variations). Or you can have fun and catch all the string with your hand and throw in the reverse direction and land on a trapeze like something Steve Brown inspired me to do. Plus, the kickflip suicide variations from different mounts that Mike Montgomery does where the loop swings under the yoyo on the y-axis. There are more suicide style tricks and some looper-esque bind regens I can mention too, that I do, if you are interested, but this will get you on your way.

Hope this helps. Enjoy.