Need more green, Green, GREEN!

So just a couple of months ago my green collection looked like this:

Now it’s starting to expand quite nicely!

I’m actually at a point where I’m very happy with my collection and don’t have that “MUST HAVE SHINNY!!!” going on atm. I mean, there are a couple that I’ve gotten excited about (legendary terrarian, ti-vayder) but I’ve been able to talk my way out of them lol.
I do want a green '18 Banshee though at some point!

Top to bottom, left to right…

01.) YoYoJam Hitman Proffesional
02.) Duncan Strix
03.) Duncan Butterfly XT

04.) Duncan MKT
05.) Duncan Raptor
06.) MagicYoYo N12 Shark (Christmas Limited Edition)
07.) YoYoFactory Ko’Olau Edge

08.) Duncan Mayhem
09.) Duncan Freehand NextGen
10.) HSpin Good & Evil 3
11.) Duncan Barracuda

12.) One Drop Deep State (green/black half swap with opposite black/green side effects)
13.) One Drop Deep State (orange/green half swap with red side effects)…My personal favorite looking yo of all time! /love

I have a lot of Duncans because they’ve been running some great sales the last couple of months.

I also bought a regular “green” magicyoyo n12…but when I got it, it’s very much so a gold with a VERY tiny hint of green…but it’s so yellowish/gold I don’t consider it green at all. Quite disappointed! The image made it look like an army green color.

I also have some other throws.
But they’re not green.
So they don’t really count.

–edit 2–
Here’s a new group shot as of 07-11-19 :slight_smile:

–EDIT 3–
Okay…I’ve so maybe I’ve gone a bit overboard?
…and I still have 4 more greens headed my way this month!


Where’s your Terrarians?


talk about green

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Yeah what he said ↑ ↑ ↑

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Yes this. Also the green Par Avion. Really any OD in green is beautiful. Just a really pure standard vibrant green color.

Nice collection.

If this were mine, they’d all be rocking that bimetal styling. :smirk:


Only a couple of yos on my wish list now…this is towards the top (just under a green 2018 banshee).
…you know? Splurging on fun little shiny green things is all fun and games…till bills come knocking on the door! haha
I might scramble to come up with enough to get a Legendary Terrarian…but with only 3 left now, I’m positive they’ll be out by then!

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Hope you get one. I like green yoyos even though i dont own many. Once i saw thst green Terrarian I knew it had to be.

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Awesome, did you end up picking one of them up? :smiley: Hope it’s as great as you’re hoping for!!

I did. Once i saw the ones people got in those mystery boxes i started hunting for one. Then i learned that there would be an official drop. I have been working this one into my budget for a while in preparation. Then, of course, they drop the same week as the tivayder and tishee.



When I first read one of your posts a while back about only collecting “green”, I was skeptical about the color choice.

These pictures look awesome and the collection looks good.

I’ve actually been debating of going specific color for myself as well. It started when I decided to order my case by responsive to unresponsive when I realized I have bought a lot of blue yo-yos. If it was by choice, it was subconsciously lol.

Really like how your collection looks

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Awww thanks man!
I’d love a photo of your blues :smiley:

Yoyoexpert was down to their last green Legendary Terrarian…so I had to pull the trigger! I think I’d be pretty sad to let it go when I’ve got the funds for it.
Picking up some more black energy side effects for it too because they just make more sense for the yo IMHO.
And a bunch of fat kitty strings!


Lol! When I read the title I thought this post would be about a banned topic! :maple_leaf::dash::woozy_face:


If you act now, A/RT Green Grails are available

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I love how everyone here is looking out for @twitch77
I bet his wallet hates all of us though.

At the moment I haven’'t landed on a colour yet and I like collecting in as much variation as possible so that I have yoyo’s I want to pick up that day for different reason or just based on my colour wants of the day. :slight_smile:

But I think it is kind of cool to have a colour choice too that you aim for.
(I’m sure it’s useful to sneak in yoyo purchases too…“oh that old thing? I already had it remember?”)


Thanks for the heads up! :smiley: Another person let me know they had some up earlier today too.

haha me too!
I /wubs you guys! :heart:

True story! :rofl: