need help

(Marvin.D) #1

if you need help with any trick i well try if i can’t try help you on this post.if i can’t try somebody esle so tell me any thing

                                                         keep on spinning


Whas that Keep it Spinning, or Keep us Spinning?


Keep ON spinning.


Thanks for offering to help, but you really don’t need a thread to show this. Just go around on the forum and help when people ask for it :wink:



I’m having trouble with the last pop of superman, and im not lying. Its after the underpass to the front string, i just can’t pop it through. Any tips?

P.S. We’ve had soemthing like this before.,386.0.html lol, we really don’t need this kind of post. If we need help, we just make a topic.

(Marvin.D) #6

plaese i realy whought to help


Seriously? I don’t think you really “whought” to help, you didn’t even tell me any tips when I asked for them.

If you are sincere in helping, at least type in proper grammar.