Need Help with Yoyo Problem!


I just got a used Phenomizm and when I throw it, it makes a loud noise. How do I make my yoyo have no noise? Do I need a new ball bearing? It’s not a 10-ball bering either. Its a normal one. What do I do??? Please post here of PM me! Need answers!


A new bearing solves every problem, but you could clean the one you already have. My yoyos have made noises before, and I just ignore it, but cleaning the bearing helps. You could find a tutorial online. Basically you soak the bearing in paint thinner, let it dry, then lube it if you can! Hope this helped, and good luck!

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Thanks so much! I’ll try!


The Phenomizm comes with a genuine KK bearing pre-installed in it. Mine is pretty quiet. I guess whoever bought that in the first place decided to keep the bearing and put a junky bearing in it. That won’t be the first time that has happened on a used yoyo sale or trade.

How do you make a plastic yoyo have no noise? Don’t play it. Seriously. They all make some noise, it’s just a fact of life with plastic yoyos.

You have choices:
1: You should try to clean the bearing out. That might get rid of some of the noise. Lightly lube as well, that might provide additional help.

2: You can go out and get a new bearing or swap the bearing out, but there’s no guarantee that will help, but if the bearing you have is noisy, odds are anything will be an improvement.


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