need help with the whipping tricks!!!!

i can get up to the parts where you make the loop that you whip with but it gets twisted so the loop isnt open making it impossible for me to get the loop around the yoyo! any tips?

I’ve got 2 answers.

  1. Do you have extra string? If you do then you can use it and new string is not too tight so it won’t wind up.

  2. There are 3 tricks to loosen the string that I know of. UFO/Flying Saucer which works but is hard to control. Sidewinder is good, but usually hard to do unless you only need minor string adjustment. I don’t know what this trick is called but basically you do a plastic whip(if you can do that) and then take the back string and pull it to the left. The string will start spinning with the yo yo very fast and it actually looks pretty cool. This is the one that I use and I think it is the best.

Well, I hope I helped.

Ok thanks ill try that out :slight_smile:

Or you can do a split bottom mount, drop your non throwhand, and pull the middle string to the left.

ok ill try that too it sounds a bit easier thanks

WOHA i just tried that and its it SICK!!!

About 1:41-1:52-ish.

ok thanks now i can kinda do iron whip! man im so glad i found this site!