need help with Boing-E-Boing

whenever i try to make the yoyo bounce back and forth it comes off of the strings no matter how well i have them lined up! any tips?

What yoyo are you using?
A wider gap makes a lot of difference.

im using my metal zero

the yo yo always bounces side to side instead of forward and back

I also had this problem. To help start it, instead of just moving up and down, move it forwards and backwards a little bit. With my throwhand I kind of follow this shape ^ but more curved. Once it starts bouncing then I just move my hand up and down.

oh ok so basically start the back and forth motion first and then just bounce your throw hand up and down?

Also, I would start out doing the trick at an angle, this will allow gravity to make the yoyo bounce straight and fall straight giving you an easier chance at keeping it in the loop. To make the angle, put the throw hand slightly towards you to make about a 35 degree angle. Then as you advance and get the string to stay straight, you can make it horizontal.

ok im starting to get the hang of it! thanks!

Great! :wink:

the way i did it was by not following the video at first, i started by just manually doing it side to side. then automaticly your hand starts going up and down instead of side to side and im like woa…so i started…starting going up and down and i got the hang of it…not sure if i did a good explenation :stuck_out_tongue:

so close to mastering it!!! thanks!