Need help on my throws or maybe I just need shin guards :o


So couple weeks into my yoyo adventure, the thing I’m trying to nail down is getting a perfect or even near perfect throws. More times then not I’m having the yo swing like a pendulum and get me in the shin or knee… I’ve watched many youtuber’s…I try to get my hand flat as plane of the ground but my wrist doesn’t quit go that straight . So is it more not holding it flat enough or release it to far? I’ve seen one tutorial says to hold your opposite hand at waist level to stop your arm from going to far. Doesn’t seem like I"m throwing past waist normally.

So with that said I’m sure all that relates to other problem when throwing responsive having immediately fly back into your finger or wrist (ouch) when you expecting a sleeper. So I been playing more Unresponsive then responsive since it’s just so unpredictable.


I believe the whacking of the shins is what people call “kickback” - the yoyo is following the trajectory it was on when you released it. When I throw I seem to release the yoyo a little bit before my hand is parallel to the ground. In my short test a few minutes ago, the yoyo went up and out in front of me, it didn’t swing back enough to hit my legs. Practice is the key here.

Same with the unexpected return to the hand. Practice throwing smoothly. You don’t need a superhuman strong throw, and, responsive yoyos will take advantage of any slack (say from a strong throw that bounces on the end of the string) and return to your hand. Again, practice is the key. My personal opinion is you should spend some time working the responsive as the smoothness will payoff when you move to unresponsive tricks.

If you think a video would help, let me know, I will try to post one. However, the tutorials on this site are way better at explaining than I am. André is a natural teacher and really understands the mechanics of all the tricks.

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Throw a bit more forward, release the yoyo earlier, like an arc, instead of throwing straight down.
Never use full force unless you’re doing long sleeper challenge or executing a very long trick (like 1 minute long), you should throw just enough to get the trick done and then the yoyo returns without hurting your hand.
Also, there is no perfect throw, even for pros. What they do is they control the tilt of the yoyo while doing the trick, so even if you throw it slanted, you can correct it on the go.
That may sound pretty complicated, but it will come naturally.


Thanks for the help and suggestions :slight_smile:

Yea I understand there is always room for improvement and thus maybe never perfect. Basically I just need to learn to correct the tilt of the yoyo when I throw as I can’t get my wrist straight enough. I think a lot of it’s do to a broken wrist that was never set correctly when I was younger.
But it’s not as screwed up as my left arm I had a double compound fracture which left me with about 1/4 or so movement. Only mention it because like my wrist, I been trying to figure out best way to compensate for things like catching the trapeze and modifying things like the brain twister. But I know I really need to rewind and go back to learning the basics before going intermediate +