NEED HELP! Markmont Classic. Or puffin 2!

Please help me with this decision. Puffin 2 is more limited so i may go for that but still.

I haven’t tried MarkMont and tried puffin 2 for a quiet a bit, so I believe that it’s about preferences
Markmont has side effects and organic shape, puffin 2 has v/ organic, and is good for fingerspins.

Agh I don’t know though. The puffin 2 is a very limited model and god knows when then next batch is coming out.

Take that out of the equation unless you are a collector. A yo-yo is meant to be played, price and exclusivity are not a factor. I have played cheap yo-yos that are amazing and high end, limited run, expensive yo-yos that were horrible.

Of the two, I have not played the Puffin 2 but would love to do so. The MarkMont. Classic, on the other hand, is in my collection and is an incredible yo-yo that I would personally put up as One Drop’s best organic design, period. You can tell a lot of time and care went into making this the perfect showcase for Mark’s talent and in doing so they made a yo-yo that is a joy for everyone to play.

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Thank you allot. You made me change my mind.

I own both. The puffin2 is nice, and I like it, but it doesn’t strike me as unique. The MC has a feel that I don’t get from any other yoyo.

Snagged a MC

Good choice. Mine is likely the least pocket friendly throw in my collection, but its been with me probably 75% of the time since I got it.

I’m sure the Puffin 2 is great, but the original is more appealing to me and the Markmont fits in my general tastes much better than either.