Need help choosing youtube channel name

Hello, I am creating a yoyo channel, and I was looking for some creative ideas, eg; InYoFace (already taken) and all of the good ones I come up with seem to be taken. I like more creative/play on words/phrases. Funny is always good as well. Please post some ideas for names below, thanks.

I would just keep it simple and use genji so its easy did people to associate the channel if need be.


I was thinking something along those lines, but was trying to come up with something a bit move clever, like something funny that stands out, I dunno shrugs Like I said I originally wanted InYoFace, but obviously it was taken already.

I have chosen my catchy youtube channel name “throwsbeforehoes” :smiley: hehe

Derp derp ^^^^^^^lol

Sporksquid sounds good to me. Doesn’t necessarily have to have “yo” in it.