Need gone asap UPDATED 02/06/2016 CHEAP BI-METALS


Hello guys, I want to make a new BST thread since I figured out how to insert pictures ;D
Price drop!
I live in Canada and will accept paypal, all prices are shipped (to US and Canada)prices in USD, take $15 off for every additional yoyo purchase.

Ares Star, Mint with just a tiny scratch that my somewhat old phone can’t even show, very smooth , no vibe at all. Looking for $80
UPDATE:axis has a part bulging out (the circular part, not the actual axle), really hard to noticed which is why I missed it the first time, does not affect functionality.

Bullet, mint, no vibe. Looking for $25

Air Force, one ano flaw otherwise mint, no vibe. Looking for $30

Pluto, mint, no vibe. Looking for $30

Earth, 9.5/10, a scratch,no vibe. Looking for $30

Unite, 9/10, some flat spots, no vibe. Looking for $35

Take That Sleipnir a Replica. Looking for $25


Where in Canada are you located?

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PM Sent


Hello I’m interested in SandStorm :slight_smile: I have Paypal


Hello there, the Sandstorm would be 30 USD shipped. If you can just send the money to this paypal:
As long as you are within Canada or USA I will be able to send the yoyo straight away.
Don’t forgot to include your shipping information.


The sandstorm and bullet still available?


Yes, they are.


How much fir the bullet? Please include shipping to Australia in your estimate/quote.


Sorry I don’t ship to Australia :-[

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