FSFT: Cheap/Mint Metal Yoyos, Ares Star, Boss Man, Earth, Pluto, Sandstorm, MORE


Hello guys ;D I am new to the forum and want to get rid of some of my old throws, these yoyos are brought to me from a friend of mine in China who did the purchase for me. Although these yoyos are not as famous as the other yoyos, but the performance and quality is still top notch :slight_smile: I just simply have too many yoyos now and would only want to keep a few with me all the time. So that’s why I brought my lovely yoyos here.

I live in Canada and will accept Paypal only.
Please offer up and get in touch with me if you are interested.

Here is the brief summary of all the yoyos:

Ares Star - Mint Condition, No Vibe
Alpha Crash - Mint Condition, Yes Vibe
Air Force - Almost Mint (just an ano flaw as shown in the pic), No Vibe
Bullet - Mint Condition, No Vibe
Boss Man Silver - Almost Mint (just an ano flaw as shown in the pic), Small Vibe
Boss Man Green - Mint Condition, No Vibe
Earth - Almost Mint (just a very hard to notice ano flaw as shown in the pic), No Vibe
Pluto - Mint Condition, No Vibe
Unite - 9/10 Condition, some scratches as shown in the pic, No Vibe
Sandstorm - Mint Condition, No Vibe
The last yoyo (Sleipnir) is a replica, will sell if someone is interested.

All pictures uploaded to imgur, pictures show all damages the yoyos have.


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