Need Enlightenment...

I want to give a review on a brand of string I recently received. I’ve used kitty string, YYE contest string, and Ammo. Now a new string I’m trying out and I want to give everyone the best review I can. But I need help, as I never reviewed a string before.
So I figured the help section was the best place to put it…
So anyways.

When reviewing string, what do I do? What am I looking for and what is the community looking for when it comes to reviews… What information can I give about it that you (the community) are looking for in a string review

Just post everything you find different between it and your other strings. Give arguments as to why the difference is better or worse and that should make anyone happy. Stiffness and life of the string generally get mentioned.

This ^. The main thing people look for in string is:

Feel - How soft/slick is the string? Does it cut into your fingers, does the slipknot keep slipping?

Whips/Slacks - Does it slack and whip well? How well compared to standard Kitty?

Tension - Does it hold tension well or does it bundle up the second you do a sidewinder?

- How long does the string last until it starts getting frayed and loses its bounce?

The advantage, as Sparhawk mentioned, is that a lot of people on here will have tried Kitty and/or Ammo, so by comparing the new string to these in the various departments, you’ll be able to give people a good idea of what to expect.

I always think of standard Kitty as the benchmark string when it comes to comparing strings. If in doubt, compare it to Kitty. :slight_smile:

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