Need cash for study-abroad program

Going to do the study-abroad program next year so I need some funds.

none of the YYRs have been unscrewed so they’re all dead smooth

+4 for shipping. prices are negotiable and are OBO.

1st Row:
YYR dreadnaught- mint w/box $95 SOLD
YYR mr butcher - mint w/box $105
YYR gleipnir -3a marks w/box $80 PENDING
YYR stargazer- mint, 1 ano flaw w/box $95
YYR fragment - mint w/box $125 SOLD
YYR ClashCube- mint, 1 ano flaw w/box $95
2x Turning Point Basilisk -3a marks w/ pouch $75 PENDING
2x Yoyomonster checkmate- 3a marks ( amazing yoyos) w/ box $75 each PENDING
4x ano-stripped Yoyojoker Eternity( 3a marks) w/box $25 each
2x Stealth Ogre(3a marks) w/box $80 each
2nd row
BBY Atlantis- mint w/box $30
BBY Airforce- mint (good yoyo but I got it with vibe) w/box $25
BBY lover- mint w/box $30
General Yo Majesty- mint ( vinyasa flow) w/box
General Yo 5star v2( near mint, 1 scuff)
YYF genesis( scuffs, vibe) $30
YYF rim dipped skyline- near mint (classiest yoyo out there) $75 SOLD
YYF yyf ricochet( near mint) w/box $150 SOLD
CLYW Arctic Circle( 1 ding, rim edge scuffs) w/box $80
CLYW Chief (28stories FG) mint w/box
X3 aware( mint- really fun for finger grinds) $80
Werrd split decision( mint) $75
3rd Row:
Gold plated recrev “i”( bunch of scuffs before gold plating it) $30(?)
YYF superwide( near mint)$25
YYJ phenomizm$30
YYJ x-con $30
YYJ dark magic
General Yo HattrickYellow/White ( near mint) $70
2x Ashiru Kamui( good 4a yoyos) 30 1x Ashiru Kamui - no spacers( works perfectly with a replacement) 1x Ashiru Kamui - plays properly, but one spacer is stuck on the bearing. YYJ  fiesta xx 8x YYJ sunset trajectories - these were end-game loopers back then(still probably is?) 12 each
2x Yoyojoker vortex $30
YYF loop 900- lost its pair $5
YYF loop 720 $5
YYJ Aquarius
YYF Big Deal (mighty flea with stacks. Stacks gives it some wobble I think.)

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