WTB:YYR Boxes! Phenom $30, Delrin Severe $20, Protostar $20, more! All for $75!


Alright, school’s almost over so I’m gonna open up my BST again :smiley:

Wants: I will BUY from you, no trades.

-YYR Jealousy**********(a guy can dream :smiley: )
-YYR boxes. Might be a little silly asking for just the boxes but I need 2 for my Sleipnir and Blink, willing to buy them from you for a reasonable price. Just pm me.

Every purchase will come with some accessories, the more you purchase, the more you get.

Starting from top to bottom, left to right… ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING.


YYJ Phenom - Beat, lots of damage on the rims and some on catch zone. No caps. Comes with box. $40 $30.

YYJ Rextreme - Has some 4a damage, no caps. $25 $20. GONE

Shinwoo Griffin Wing - Has some 4a damage, one hub is cracked but doesn’t effect anything, no caps. $5 with another yoyo.

Yomega Xodus II - near mint. $5 with another yoyo.

YYJ Classic - Has some damage and some vibe. Siliconed and comes with C bearing. Comes with box. $5 with another yoyo.

C3 Alpha Crash - Has some damage and a good amount of vibe. $5-$10 with another yoyo. Have box. GONE.

YYF Protostar - Near mint. $20.

YYF Delrin Severe - Near mint, has a hole in one cap. $25 $20.

YYJ Unleashed(2) - Only selling as a pair. $20. GONE

YYO Aura - Near mint, some of the anno on the cups have worn off due to fingerspins. $25. GONE.

50+ premium yoyo strings for $10 with another order.

$95 $75 shipped for everything and then some.


Do you ship to the UK?




Hey, that’s a shinwoo griffin wing not adegle :slight_smile: I have one too


Thanks, fixed :slight_smile:


Getting lots of offers :slight_smile:

I’d be seriously overjoyed if they were cash offers though :smiley:


Mo-vitation gone!

Changed wants list, decided I only want to trade for my top wants ATM


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