Need an answer before 10:00 my time

I was asked what do I want for Christmas. A new tv or a laptop. I’m a big gamer and I have like a tv from the 90’s. And I don’t have a computer at all. What would you get? Possibly pros and cons of each?

Since I’ve got both, neither.

What do you want?

I have no idea to be honest. Lol. I might go with laptop.

If I had to choose, I’d go with the laptop, too.

You can use a laptop as a tv, but you can’t use a tv as a laptop.

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True. I’m gonna go with the laptop. Thanks!

You can also just game on the laptop as well :stuck_out_tongue:


All the way.

What a highly uneducated response.

Q in a nutshell

Excuse you?

Would you like to challenge your knowledge against that of my own?
Coming from a know numbskull such as Links, eh, no big deal. But from you? HA! Laughable.

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it all depends. TVs can be a bit cheaper than a laptop. you could save up to get a tv. laptops are fairly expensive 300+ for a decent one. you could get a tv for around 200 like a 20-30 inch which isn’t all that bad. even if it is smaller than your tv it will still have a sharper more clear picture. I would personally get the laptop and save up for a tv. cause you still have a tv to use until then. but what’s more important to you? a better picture for a game? or access to the Internet and all that stuff? plus if you don’t like the laptop or decide you do want a tv later you could trade it on like Craigslist. tv may be a bit harder to trade depending on what brand and size it is. if you’re still unsure just shake the magic 8 ball. that always helps…sorta haha. good luck on deciding. lucky guy getting a tv or a laptop.

It’s after 10:00.

It’s over!

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