need a matel yoyo

hi this is my first post on yoyoexpert
I have had the plastic GM for a couple months now and I want a not so expensive($80 range) all metal yoyo or a stacked yoyo (my GM isnt) or both features for a little more money ($100 range)

please give me any sugjestion’s

If you are interested in hubstacks, I think an 888 might be good for you and it is in the $100 range. For an inexpensive metal yo-yo, an M1 is definitely something that comes to my mind first, but you should tell us more about what you are looking for in a yo-yo.

Please refer to this thread so that we can help you find the yo-yo that will be best for you:

are they unresponsive (I forgot to say that on the post)


I mainly want a metal yoyo but also long sleep times smooth play and unresponsive play

I’m guessing that you didn’t read the thread…Practically all metal yo-yos can achieve long spin times, smoothness, and unresponsiveness.

Answer these questions so we can help find the best yo-yo for you:

1.diameter of 2 over inches and width of 1.5 inches (I would prefer those sizes but smaller will be ok)
2.anything that is butterfly or wing shape
3.k-pad o-rings or hibrid
5.anything that isnt purple or pink I like blue green and red
6.I am not good at landing on the string on 1 1/2 mounts so I need a pretty wide gap

What tricks are you learning right now?

rewind ,mcbride rollercoaster cold fusion (so the medium-hard advanced tricks)
those were just some of the tricks

I think, for now, you should stick with your Plastic Grind Machine. It will still be able to bring you through those tricks and much more.

r u sure because I was also looking at the axiom and it seemed good
also for some reason I was practicing and it was responsive
do you think it is because of cotton string?and that is not why I wanted to get a new yoyo

Okay–I think its time for me t step in. Stop using cotton string. Move onto 50/50, or Polys.

Now, the yoyo you have is good. But if you need a metal, according to your preferences, it seems like the M1 or the project fits your diameter needs. Now, the width that you want is almost PERFECT with the M1, but the Project is a little wider. It seems like the M1 has everything you need. They come with silicone pads, but you can also use k-pads in them, however, I would recommend chaz pads, or just plain silicone a bit more, cause IMO, they are better then K-pads.

Although these may not have hubstacks there probaly the best metals your going to get with your price range.

YoYoJam Axiom
YoYoJam Meteor
OneDrop M1

All are FANTASTIC yoyos. ;D

thanks you guys all this info helps me a lot
I’m off to buy poly string