Near mint black Superstar for trade/sale(Punchline, 3vo, and YYF)

I’ve got a near mint(very near, one tiny scuff that might even rub off if you put some work in, haha)black Superstar that I don’t play.

Things I may be interested in(super bright, solid colors are always a plus)…

YoYoFactory I might go for:
Genesis(Slim Pad preferred)
I may even be interested in things you have that I don’t know I want yet! Feel free to offer, the worst I can say is “no”.

does it come with the centre trac?


Hm… Didn’t think getting rid of a Superstar would be so difficult.

Is that a hard-coat?

I’m not sure if these ones were hard coat… If I had to guess, I would say no.

Does it have hubstacks?

keep spinning


Lol. Three offers on this… It’s been gone for months, sorry, guys.