FS/FT Superstars, yuuksta, 44 speacial...

  1. mint yyf superstar. Gold and Black. Like many superstars, plays awesome. 95$ OBO


  1. yyf yuuksta. Mint 60$ OBO


  1. Green/blue acid wash superstar. Grooved edition. Has a vibe. One small dent. 80$


  1. 44 special. Has a couple dings from when it fell out of my car. Can feel a couple of them. Nice throw though. 60$ OBO


Thats all for now.

Throw anything at me. All I can say is no.

Nice TE gnarwhal. Not bead blasted, but MINT. Has a tiny, tiny vibe. Pretty awesome. Also will be hard to take away from me.


Heavy Cream. Dexter. A couple of tiny pinpricks. One of my favorite throws. Traded

Busine$$. A couple medium size pinpricks. Plays fine. 1 Chaz pad. Plays Awesome.Traded

mint Noctu. Comes with velvet sack and pin. TRADED

Mint Skyychaser. Gold.

Mint addiction v2. Brown. Awesome player.

Dark Magic v.1. Not in very good shape. Keeping for modding

LB Hectic. Gold w/ Purple splash. Some dents. Plays the same as when I got it. Replaced pads with silicone. Gone

(system) #3