FS/FT: JK Superstar W: Cascade, Pro, Punchline, others...

YYF Red Jensen Superstar, near mint.  $70

MORE PICS:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/31020109@N04/sets/72157628044272489/

One Drop Project 2.  Ironman colors.  Mint.  $50 SOLD

YYF Northstar, yellow.  One spot on each half where it clipped my sidewalk.  See additional pics for damage photos, it’s mega minor.  $15  SOLD

YYF 888.11 Jason Lee Edition, Mint.  Comes with Black hubstacks, $80  GONE

CLYW Avalanche, Purple Spash Matterhorn edition.  Very good condition. GONE

YYF Genesis, Undeniable Edition, few pin pricks in the finish, minor, and can’t be felt. GONE

YYF Supernova, Grey/Purple splash Jon Rob edition.  as mint as can be out of the packaging. This is a 7075 Supernova, USA made. GONE

One Drop- Burnside (Broken Heart or Red would be fab) Cascade, Dietz or Markmont.next
CLYW - Avalanche, Chief, or Arctic Circle
SPYY- Punchline, Punchline Repeater, Pro (the Red/Pink one)
General-Yo - KLR
Toxic- Hazmat
Monkeyfinger - Gelada
anything from G-Squared
Square Wheels - Royale
C3- Winning Bird (Pink or Purple/silver splash) or Pink Trident
YYF- Rim Dipped Skyline
VsNYYC - Skywalker
Anti-yo Bapezilla.2, Viszilla

I am open to other random offers, and do enjoy being surprised!

Please PM if interested.

added the superstar, bump

added Genesis and 888.11
Supernova pending.

getting some very good offers on the Avalanche, so I might as well put it up.

just the Superstar left…

P2 and Northstar sold.