FS: YYF Winston Edition Superstar, YYF 09 888

For Sale only.
Paypal only.

YYF - Winston Edition Superstar. Have the box, mint except for a bang mark ( pictured ). Has a Center Track bearing and new pads. awesome player, no vibe.

Next up is a YYF 09 888. has numerous scuff marks on it, axle seems to be a tiny bit bent, but still plays great.

Thanks for looking, shoot me a PM with offers.

888 - 45 shipped
Superstar - 90 shipped.
Paypal only, want to get rid of these guys

does the superstar come with hubstacks?

Hi would U like to trade? YYF superstar for ilyy 2wei mint?

Lol I bought them both along time ago man sorry but you saw this late maybe next time

Do U know who now have SS?