NE Ohio Meet

Putting together a meet for NE Ohio. Place is in between Cleveland, Columbus, and Youngstown. It is in Massillon. It will be on May 23rd. Let me know of interest

GAH! Man… Why the 23 of all days?? Date or Yoyo meet? I think every one knows which wins… I can yoyo during a date but I cant date at a yoyo meet. Grrrr… If you ever set up another one send me a message please!

this may get moved to June considering there is no real feedback. So if anyone plans to attend please RSVP so that I know it is worth it.

what happens during a meet?

just a chance for us to get together. drool over eachothers stuff. learn from one another. Meet people face to face. Eat, throw, eat, throw, eat

Is this the same ReverandYo from YYN? If it is, nice to have ya here man, and welcome to YYE!

naw this is copperhead from YYN, but seeing as how I am a reverend now I thought this would make sense

i’m still very new but i would enjoy the opportunity to meet some other throwers and see some live demos of good tricks and maybe even pick up a few pointers. if my wife doesn’t have any plans for me i’d totally do my best to be there.