NC State YOYO Contest

The North Carolina State YoYo Contest is back!

This year the contest will be run in conjunction with the Southeast Winter Throwdown skill toy event. It will take place in Charlotte NC on Saturday December 14. We will crown an NC State champion as well as winners in 1a, Open, Sport Ladder, and Fixed Axle divisions, as well as a number of rad kendama contests. Please feel free to join the Southeast Winter Throwdown Facebook event page for more details.

I’ll update this thread with more info including the finalized venues, event schedule, and a full list of sponsors.

We hope to see you in December!



Awesome Ed!!

Where is the venue or place it is at? The convention center?

Oh heck yeah !!!

I’m down for going to this!!!

There is absolutely no way I’m missing this. So excited!

@ed, for those of us that don’t do the facebook , is there going to be a Southwest Winter Throwdown webpage out there? And yes i know i’m the only person who doesn’t use the facebook… just can’t bring myself to do it.

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I don’t… I really don’t like it at all…

So Ed, if you can update us non facebook users :wink:

yeah - i’ll put one up. asap.

ok - here’s a quick q&a based page with info. more to come.


thank you ed!

Where is the venue!

It says in the blog Ed posted above^…

I got to drive by it. Looks small, but there must be space somewhere…

venue is a place that kevin markie knows and has worked at. i’ve never been there, so fingers crossed. the nice thing is that the music system is apparently great and we have someone dedicated to work it.

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thanks to Duncan and YoYoExpert for stepping up as GOLD and PLATINUM level sponsors, respectively! this is shaping up to be a sweet event all around!


I heard YYE wont have a stand or be there tho :-\

I drove by the place, as I sad before, and there was plenty of parking around the building. It is VERY hard to find because its in a building with 5+ other places. They have the names in a line.

I am assuming there is a dance room underground. Because its a dance/lounge place…

I am serious debate with myself about going to this event.
It would be a good warm up for the VA state contest.
On the plus side I could get some Everclear while I am there.

Question, is the venue indoors or outdoors? I may just have to come down from Raleigh for this.

Kevin’s a great guy!

His klacks are nice too!

I hope you guys have a blast and I’m way to far to attend but I’ll be there in spirit with you guys! And there are an abundance of awesome prizes so if you can make it do it !!!

Indoors :slight_smile:

Its in a dance related place, so its probably going to be inside a big room/dance floor.

mentioned this on the fb event page, but if you haven’t seen it:

Just a few things to plan for in advance of the event!
• We will charge $2 for non-competing spectators to help defray the cost of the venue.
• $10 to participate in the kendama ladder contest or the yo-yo freestyle(s).
• $5 to participate in the yo-yo sport division (which excludes you from freestyle) or fixed axle division (which does not).
• Inkbot is printing up an official event t-shirt which will be available in limited quantities for $10 (or $5 with event participation).
• We will be raffling off some awesome items from our fabulous sponsors at $3/ticket (we will have those items on display at registration).
• We will have bottled water for sale for $1.
• Bear in mind that this event will be a little different, with some yo-yo and kendama events taking place simultaneously. There will be some (but limited) space for seating. There are several great restaurants adjacent to the Dharma Lounge.