Yoyo contests western north carolina

Will there be any anytime soon? How do i register to get in? how many tricks should i know before entering a contest? I pretty much need all the info. about contests.


Hi Connor,

I know there is a Georgia State Contest towards the beginning of this upcoming year in February I think. Not sure about a North Carolina Contest - I think they have had one in the past though.

www.YoYoContest.com is a pretty good site to keep your eye on…


Ok, cool. Ill be sure to look into it. Thanks!

theres a contest in greenville is that close enough

Please look at the date that this topic was last posted in. This was almost 6 months ago, so please dont necro and bring old posts back.

yes on June 6 thats all I know see you there. :wink:

I can’t see the dates now! I used to… where are they?