Why do they call the code 2 “Nautilus”?

It’s really cool?

Haha, I guess you’re right

Guessing Jrod likes the shape

Jrod explained the name to me once. Let me see if my feeble memory can recall what he said accurately. Of course he had a role in naming the nautilus so anything would be possible but I believe it went like this:

Jason and the argonaut hmmm add an “a” and you get argonauta. I know still not there but getting closer. Nautilus referred to the octopus genus argonauta.

Thus, via the cerebral manifestation of Jrods thought processes we arrive at Nautilus. I believe that’s close to how it was explained to me.

I’m sure he’ll let us know.

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The nautilus, genus argonauta, which as skitrz hinted has a self-referential etymology, is pretty darn nifty. So are the fibonacci sequence ( and the Argo Navis ( The word “argonaut,” which comes from the Greek “argonauta,” refers both to the nautilus and to the sailors of the ship Argo Navis, which was associated with the Jason of Greek mythology.


Dude, I wish I’d gotten to meet you before you left San Diego. Droppin’ knowledge!

nautilus refers to the spiral dhape of some snail shells. look at the design in the catch zone of the code 2… :slight_smile:

You mean the projection profile? That’s been a OneDrop thing from the beginning.