Alpha crash or Alpha dash

I must say to begin that I’m a code lover. I learned Braille, hand signs spelling, morse code and other codes for fun.
I looked closer to the C3 alpha crash and I noticed that there is morse code written on it. It says “alpha dash”. So I was wandering if somebody knew if maybe “alpha dash” was its original name or something.

It’s possible that it’s a translation issue/typo but that’s just my guess…

Or they didn’t have enough place to right “crash” because its longer :slight_smile:

Or they don’t know morse code

Or it is not supposed to be morse code

Or we are supposed to be intrigued

Or… [You hit the last note]

maybe it is supposed to be “clash” but because of the “crash” the “c” and “l” made a ligature and now look like a “dash”

probably not.

According to Ancient Astronaut Theorists, C3 is obviously trying to signal extra-terrestrials.

Maybe it’s like the Da vinci code and we have to put a black light on the yoyo and it will reveal the truth! I don’t personally own an alpha crash.
And anyway hear is the translation of the morse code I read:

•- •-•• -••- •••• •- -•• •- ••• ••••
A. L. P. H. A. D. A. S. H

Hmm. Well accidental flash from the mold wouldn’t spell out anything, so it must be intentional. Some person probably read wrong like Adam said and then typed a D.

I didn’t believe you. Therefore I had to get out my Alpha Crash, look up the alphabet in morse code, and translate the code on the yoyo all just to find out that it does say Alpha Crash.
Edit: Typo, meant to say that it does say “Alpha Dash.”

Could you post a picture for those of us who don’t have an alpha crash?

Here you go!

How? The last word only has 4 letters. ???

Don’t mind him, he’s a dreamer.

On topic…

I’ve looked into it before and I just figure by “Dash” they referring to the “-” in Morse code. But the better question is how did they come up with such a name in the first place?

No offense, but…

What on earth are you talking about? ??? ??? ???

None taken man.

Morse Code is made up of Dots “.” and Dashes “-”. My guess is that C3 was playing off of Clash and Dash rhyming and that there are Dashes in Morse Code. Sort of a strange double pun but those are the things I live for.

Whoops! That’s a typo, I meant to say that I went through checking it only to find out that it does say dash. Sorry!

I was looking at the Moorse Code and it seemed to say Alpha Cras

Or it didn’t finish…

I know it seems hardcore but I contacted C3 yoyodesign (I’m really curious about why it says “dash”). I’m gonna give news soon as they respond to me.