Alpha Crash vibe D:

So today I received my C3yoyodesign Alpha Crash. I played it for 30 minutes, and it got really vibey. Like extremely vibey. I tried different bearings and stuff, but it didn’t work! Should I just send it back to the other store?

PS. I did not open it during the 30 minutes of play time.

The vibe is like a pretty crazy pulsating sensation on grinds and string. It’s present near the middle of the yoyo [)-(] (near the bearing and where the “C” shape starts to form. I have lined up the arrows on the stickers as well.

I don’t know how to fix it but this is like the 3rd topic i’ve seen about alpha crash vibe…

The arrows on the sticker don’t have to be lined up. Just keep tuning it the usual way.


Some people are a total vibe magnet. Same here all the throws I get have vibe

that’s because you only buy YYJ.

Try tightening the yoyo, or pushing the caps in. Sometimes, the caps can come a bit loose and cause vibe.

Most YYJ I had where dead smooth. The main reason all my throws get vibe is because my little brother always throws them around, plays with them(and him being an idiot he is it doesn’t go too well) I love YYJ and vibe or not I will always throw YYJ

Their bimetals have some vibe, which is understandable considering the fusion of materials.

Best Delrin is aero yo delta I’ve unscrewed an screwed it back together several times and its still smooth as a baby’s butt. It’s nice especially since the severe was lame, it had major pulse/vibe

It have triangle on bottom of sticker which indicate the better tuning position