Nats- revised x-convict?


About a month ago, I heard that Johnnie Delvalle might be at Nats with a revised x-convict. Does anyone that went know if he did or didn’t revise it?

Edit: No, I’m not talking about the eneme or hitman pro. On the YYJ website blog, theres a post that says that Johnnie might be at NATS with a revised xconvict.

(yoyo jake) #2



I’m pretty sure you’re either talking about the Hitman Pro or the Eneme.

If its either one, then yeah, he revised it.


nope it says here


I didn’t hear anything about it, and it says possibly, so I assume not.

Then again I wasn’t at Nats.


It’s was probably just a vict with the solid spin axle system. Just like the rest of the YYJ like is getting.