X-Convict 2 ????

Recently, we’ve seen that Yoyojam has updated some of their yoyos (ex. the Dark Magic to the DM 2 and the Hitman to the Hitman Pro). So I’ve been wondering, do you guys think that they’ll be updating their X-convict model? Is the SR-71 yoyo based on this yoyo?

Probally gonna add the Solid Soin axle to it, like they did the Atmosphere and New Breed!

I hear an updated X-ConVict is in the pipeline. The SR-71 is based on the Sirius which was based on the Night Moves.

Both looks so cool with the long metal rims!
I’ve just been wondering because I really want to get an x-convict so badly, but if they’re gonna update it (which it seems they might), I would rather wait a bit longer (I don’t even have the $$$ yet).