Nats Fundraiser BST! General-Yo, OD, and SPYY inside!

Trying to raise money for nationals.
I prefer paypal and dealing in the ConUS.

KLR: half green half black with the squiggle pearly splash look. 1 small minor nick. (shown in picture) 100 shipped.
Cascade (I think it’s blood orange) 1 ding on each rim. 65 shipped. Gone
Entheos A grade unengraved (gold): some wear on the rims from play (anno fading) and a few nicks here and there nothing really major at all. 55 shipped.
Torrent 2 1/1 crucial custom anodized: 85 shipped.
Dynamo star grade: dings around the rims in various parts still plays like a beast. 45 shipped.

Here’s an album with pictures!