Comp Grade KLR For Sale Only. $90.00 Shipped.

For sale only is my Gen-Yo Comp Grade KLR shown in the picture below. This throw is dead smooth as of now. It can create a small amount of vibe if you have to take it apart, but it is very easy to tune it back to being dead smooth after opening by messing with the axle position. There are 2 very small scuffs on each side, and a small dent on the blue side. Neither of the scuffs are feelable. The scuff on the blue side removed some of the blue ano, but didn’t break through to the metal, and on the grey side the scuff looks like a small bit of dirt. There is a pinprick sized dent on one side I call it a dent only because it doesn’t break the ano. If you’re interested send cash offers.

NOTE: I don’t ship first to anyone with negative feedback or anyone with less feedback than me.

Individual pics

The ano flaw is seen in the above 2 pics on the blue half, while the small dent is below. The ano flaw on the grey side is also pictured in this pic, but you can’t see it until you get it in your hand and hold it in the right light.

I only need a few fat kitty strings.

Brand new Yoyorecreation yoyos added.

Lots of interest. No Chiefs yet though.

Last chance to bring me a mint chief for a yyr. I’ll be getting a chief tonight one way or the other, and after that I’ll only be looking for cash.

I want to buy a Protostar or Northstar

Someone wanna sell a smooth Protostar for 20?

Don’t want a Protostar anymore. I bought a OneStar.

Need to sell.

The Sleipnir is gone. Still need to sell others.

Brand New Protostar for $25 shipped. Pro is up on ebay with 1 day 13 hours left.

Need to sell the Protostar.

Get yourself a new Protostar for 10 dollars off.

Bump. I don’t need the M10 anymore thanks to Mordo613. Still looking for a BvM2 though.

Looking to Trade also now.

Interested in a Chief, 2nd run M10(hasn’t been released yet), KLR(blasted A grade), Quake, and Prestige.

Pics of the Chief, and a really nice Canvas added.


Up. Not really looking to move the Chief unless it’s in some sort of deal for a Bonfire or Comp grade + KLR.

Need to sell the Majesty.