national yoyo day!!

So i wanna get some accesory type things. Like strings, bearings, lubes ect to celebrate national yoyo day. What are some of your guys favorite things and what should i get?

A friend knew I was going to place an order for today, so he asked me to pick up a few items for him as well, which I gladly did so.

I got some bearings, some yoyos(sorry, have to be secretive here), a spintop and side effects.

Don’t worry about OUR favorite things. YYE has a great deal going, so go pick up some stuff you need at a good amount of savings and enjoy the day your way!

Buy some Duncan counterweights, (or a Takeshi dice), you can never have too many counterweights!

I did. Takeshi dice. Can’t wait to figure out what yoyo to stick that on and try it out.

I grabbed a Halo (my first derlin) and a MarkMont Next… and thought I’d get some strings I haven’t tried yet (dragon and bg1)… also snagged a crucial bearing, and a pick axe CLYW shirt (hoping it’s not poorly made like the antler one was).