National Yo-yo contest!

I’m heading to Nationals this year and I want to know who’s going?

Also, I checked the site and I was wondering if they were having prelims this year?

I’m going

I will be there.

I’m going

Does anyone know if there will be a preliminary round and if it requires pre-registering? I sent them an email but they haven’t replied yet. That was about a week ago.

Of course. I’m pretty sure they have to have prelims. They’ve always had them. I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

Their pre-registration page stated that you had to qualify in order to compete so I was thinking they changed the system this year.

I’ll be there!

Well… I wish I could be there. but sadly the last SAT I can take to still be able to submit scores for college apps is on the same day. :confused:

I’ll be there