Nate Daileys Freestyle From Worlds 2019 Gives Me The Chills

Is this freestyle amazing or what???


It’s incredible, the stage use, the musicality, hyping up the crowd. Truly an excellent example of a what a killer freestyle looks like and it just goes to show how stiff the competition was that year when it only got 4th.

Personally, it doesn’t give me chills though. Idk, maybe I’m just an emotionally numb person, but only a few freestyles have given me chills; one that does so consistently (though less so now that I’ve been watching it so often lol) is Takeshi’s 2018 WYYC finals; his SemiFinals is up there as well.


Takeshis is pretty nice… nates though omgggg

For me I think the part that gives me the most chills for a freestyle is when the crowd goes nuts with excitement. Something about crowd scenes, when a bunch of people act together as one in a positive way, always gives me chills and sometimes even makes me well up seeing it in movies, TV, and videos of live events.

W/ the Takeshi freestyle it’s everyone’s mind being blown for three minutes straight. The camera was also closer with the crowd that year so watching it you feel more immersed. The amount of excitement is palpable. I think it also helps that the music is a consistent song throughout instead of clips of other songs put together. No shade at all to Nate’s FS but its trickset is a lot more “meta” than some others, so while seeing the bangers and working the crowd is cool and an amazing display of talent, it’s not as “mind-blowing” like Takeshi’s was.

Another FS that gives me chills a lot is Jensen’s 2010 WYYC win. In addition to it just being an incredible achievement, I was also there to see it live so the memories of being in that crowd definitely play into the chills.


Yeah jensens was incredible

There are very few performances that come close to Jensen’s 2010…

The big tricks, the tech moves, the music selection. Incredibly perfect, and very enjoyable.

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He was having so much fun up there.

Started off slow but then he break dances and goes off!

I hadnt seen that, thanks.

All of these are amazing. I wish the filming in 2010 was as good as it was in 2018.

How does the shoot the unresponsive moon work in Nate’s video at around 2:02?

I think it was a half knot. probably intented.

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It looks very intentional. I was just wondering how to do it (if it’s something learnable at the intermediate stage).

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Try throwing your unresponsive throw down, but yanking it back before it fully unwinds; if you time if right you’ll find it comes back like a responsive would. Take this concept, add a ton of fearless practice, and you get shoot the moon with an unresponsive :slight_smile:

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If you know 4A regenerations, especially the Moon regeneration, the unresponsive 1A version is very similar. Here’s a video of the moon regeneration:

In fact, if you don’t let the yoyo leave the string, you can basically loop with a 4A yoyo (I know Ryan Connolly has a great video showing off all the 4A regenerations while not letting the yoyo get released but I can’t find it right now).

Absolutely not a knot. That will be disastrous in the middle of a freestyle. After that trick he will have to change yoyos if a knot was there.


That’s awesome.

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I remember seeing this live! So much excitement in the crowd. If this video was a bit longer you’d hear the crowd break out into an extended “Nate the Great” chant. Nates energy is so positive and fun.


I wish I could have seen it live. This performance is just tooo good and the energy… Oh myyy

His breathtaking, mind blowing, tricks mixed with that gunshot music he used. was interesting to say the least.