Napa Yoyo Club this Sunday!


Napa Yoyo Club (No Response yoyo club) is a club in Napa. We meet every second Sunday of each month. It’s tons of fun. It’s in front of the Learning Faire in Napa from 1-3. I hope you guys can make it! It’s tons of fun!


Just an idea:

An actual address.

I mean, I can’t make it, I’m off doing computer consulting that day. Work first. Throw second.


The Learning Faire toy shop. 1 to 3 o clock 1343 Main Street Napa, CA 94558


How did your meet go?

I’d love to be able to attend some of these events but my schedule won’t allow.


It went pretty well. Tons of fun, and a lot of people showed up. This is just the second meet!


Good for you! Hopefully it stays just like that.