Naked 08 888

I don’t really know where this belongs so I figured I’d just put it here.

Some praise for my Naked 08 888…
By dyonch

Brand new from YoYoJoe’s with a clear die.

I know its a bad pic but I just thought I’d share.

that’s awsome, but it goes here.,11.0.html

Did you go ti yoyojoes

Yup :wink:

i like ur clear die

Lucky! You have a clear die! I want one.

Nice 888, BTW. :slight_smile:

I am going to go there sometime maybe we can meet up sometime.

that looks great!
i love the “naked” look

i go to yoyojoes to :slight_smile: alot of kids here do

Where is this “YoYoJoes?” I would like to go sometime.

Dude, I got the best deal…

$90 for a Bape and the Clear Die!

Almost any Saturday after Worlds at 4:00

Wilmington, DE.
Right down the street from where Mitchell’s used to be.

you already have a clear die…why you need the one from pro yoyoer…superstar is better

Shoot, that is a great deal!

You throw any 5A?

Yeah, all the time.

give that 888 back its clothes

Customz yoyo stringz

Get outta here pervert!

no, she better like that.

Wow guy’s. This thread is 8 months old.


wait so you bought it from someone after the world?
Shoot, that is a great deal!

You throw any 5A?

nice it looks pretty cool