Naked 08 888


I don’t really know where this belongs so I figured I’d just put it here.

Some praise for my Naked 08 888…
By dyonch

Brand new from YoYoJoe’s with a clear die.

I know its a bad pic but I just thought I’d share.

(marcusWsteadman) #2

that’s awsome, but it goes here.,11.0.html


Did you go ti yoyojoes


Yup :wink:

(jared) #5

i like ur clear die


Lucky! You have a clear die! I want one.

Nice 888, BTW. :slight_smile:


I am going to go there sometime maybe we can meet up sometime.


that looks great!
i love the “naked” look

(jared) #9

i go to yoyojoes to :slight_smile: alot of kids here do

(SR) #10

Where is this “YoYoJoes?” I would like to go sometime.


Dude, I got the best deal…

$90 for a Bape and the Clear Die!

Almost any Saturday after Worlds at 4:00

Wilmington, DE.
Right down the street from where Mitchell’s used to be.


you already have a clear die…why you need the one from pro yoyoer…superstar is better


Shoot, that is a great deal!

You throw any 5A?


Yeah, all the time.

(yoyo jake) #15

give that 888 back its clothes

Customz yoyo stringz


Get outta here pervert!


no, she better like that.


Wow guy’s. This thread is 8 months old.

(Justin the JeeJaw) #19


wait so you bought it from someone after the world?
Shoot, that is a great deal!

You throw any 5A?


nice it looks pretty cool