Mystery box?


So does anyone have any ideas on this years mystery box?


Someone already made a thread for this,51151.0.html


But I mean any ideas on what will be in it?

(M.DeV1) #4

I’m going to go with Yuuksta, something Bgrade, a plastic, and some odds and ends.


If we had any idea what was in it then it would kind of defeat the premise.


yeah it would be kinda useless to know what’s in there. Although guessing is fun. So a pair of 808s, a role model, stickers, and string.


yuuksta, ann whip, shaqlerstar, stickers


you guys do realize they don’t make the yuuksta anymore.


I know but I really want one! haha.
Maybe replace it with a roll model.


A trigger, monkeyfinger buff, and a rec rev freq. wave.


Probably an Oktave 3 instead of the Freq. Wave because that is too new lol :slight_smile:


It’s a yoyo factory box. Not recrev. I’m going with a B grade equilateral.


Nothing B-grade.




Something you WON’T hear anyone who gets a mystery box say :slight_smile:


I like the way that sounded.


Price point? how many will be released to yoyoexpert?

im guessing the boxes will include augie fash models, like the catalyst, and a plastic and other accesories.


this why I think yoyofactory is a great company.