Mystery box talk!



I love the bandanna!


Oh, is that what it is.
I really like the Arrow. It fits perfectly in my hand and I like how it plays. The Marco is ok but a bit too wide for my taste.

(ZAC) #4

I love this mystery box. All the extras were on point. Both throws look incredible. The arrow is just a little light for me taste. The Marco is one of my favorite throws now


Glad you liked it! And I believe YYF is working on a version of the Arrow with weight rings as well so keep an eye out for that.


I have not been able to put this thing down since saturday, it’s my first bi-metal too so extra points there. I’m enjoying the arrow too, I’m going to try to find some o-rings to put in the inner ring to give it some more weight. The bandana was a great addition along with the pins. For fiddy bucks I am extremely satisfied.