My yoyo stack is not tall enough.

Also I might need to diversify. One Drop and CLYW have not let me down yet though. This is my collection after 5 months in this sport/hobby. This could get expensive.

The next addiction you’ll have is yoyorecreation. Now is a good time since they’re older models are a lot easier to find on the bst.

Yoyorecreation? I had been eyeballing an anti-yo but I may have to look closer at YYR… I do know for sure that I new an eternal throw Elysium :slight_smile:

For sure YYR, they are pretty much pure perfomance, my favorite brand of all time.

What your stack may lack in height, it certainly makes up for in quality. As for next brand, I’m going to repeat the broken record and suggest YYR. No frills, pure performance.