My YoYo Mug


A collaboration between my son and I at the local ceramics paint-it-yourself place:

“Front” (well, the side I see when I drink a beverage) has my daily checklist: Yoyo, Wallet, Phone, Keys
“Back” says “Dad” in my eldest’s handwriting

All in a nice confetti colourway. Haha!


That’s awesome dude, looks really good! And it’ll definitely help you remember the important things! ;D


That’s a pretty awesome mug! Always nice to have something made for you by a family member or two! Also diggin’ the confetti scheme


Best post of 2015! I love it. This checklist looks awfully familiar, almost like I go through it myself daily. Haha!


That is very cool indeed Greg!

I remember when my father took me and my siblings to one of those paint your own ceramic places whilst on holiday. Fond memories indeed, although if I recall correctly the ceramic frog I painted wasn’t quite as well done as your wonderful mug. ;D


Yes, well, we’re also developing quite the menagerie of ceramic animals. When left completely to their own devices, the boys come up with some pretty interesting-looking critters. :wink:

They get names, too.

The alligator’s name is “Chump”. Not “Chomp” mind you, but “Chump”.


This is super cool! Might make you want to drink more coffee though!

({RTD} alecto) #8

i do not see this as a problem


Great mug! Great son!


I do drink a rather large amount of coffee as it is. :smiley: I’ll tell you what: there have already been times I’ve had to say “don’t fill it all the way”, which doesn’t happen with my other mugs. :wink:


It doesn’t get much better. I hope my son makes me something similar one day.


25 or more years ago my daughter made me a bookmark that I still have and use.
Our kids can bring us great joy.


hahahahahaa that’s great! we need more of your paint your own pottery places where i live…


That’s awesome. Something you’ll always have. It’s something you love from someone you love. Awesome.


This is really great, Greg. I personally like how “keys” is last on the list. No reason to go anywhere if you don’t have the other 3 things first, right? :smiley:


Haha, you got it!


Awesome mug. It looks like you are raising a fine little man. Some of my favorite possessions are items my children have made. A couple of weeks ago, my son and I made yoyo holsters from para cord one Saturday morning. Now, when we go to yoyo school (or anywhere else) we can carry a throw on our belt. Time spent sharing time doing things you love with people you love is time well spent.

Continue to enjoy your mug and son!




you guys did a super job with your Mug…

congratulations and thanks for posting your creation.



Pretty cool!


That is an awesome mug. Good job in incorporating a cool memory with some yoyo ideas :smiley: