My yoyo collection.


Here it is.

(202andrew) #2

that was so awesome.

(Zer0) #3

very nice keep yoyoin


That was really funny!

(Infinite Chaos) #5

cool, nice collections!

(marcusWsteadman) #6

SWEEEEEEEEEET!! dude, one of the coolest"not biggest"collections i’ve ever seen!!! :wink:
P.S.Where did you git the case and how much was it?
By the way awsome vids on yoyoexpert and vimeo!!!


I got the case on (sorry for the link to another site but it’s exclusive to that site) it’s called the yobag and i cost $20 i think.


Hahaha, love it! ;D

(marcusWsteadman) #9

Thanks, by the way what material was in that case it looks alot better then my insalation looking material witch is ugly.LOL :slight_smile:


It’s high density foam i think. You can get it at joann fabrics (sorry i know i spelled that rong)

(SR) #11

Cool collection!


i got my superster, jk im gunna try and get a skyy chacer if i can