my yoyo case


Whipped this up tonight using an old poker chip case and some foam from the craft store. The foam was white so I dyed it black. The top foam has no holes and keeps everything in place even my loose strings and multitool.


Thumbs up dude!


Pretty cooooool! I’m gonna get a case made soon. I’ll probably post the results as well.


I think you should make the top to hold your accesories, IMO


Thought about that but The case is only 3" deep on the inside from top to bottom so I didn’t have a lot of room to work


I like it. Did you shape the holes specifically for each yoyo?


ballte axe :stuck_out_tongue:


No I used a tomato paste can. They all fit tight tho. Plus the foam in the lid keeps everything where it needs to be.

And yes that’s a battle axe and I freaking love that yoyo. It’s at the the top of my list with that northstar. I like both of those way more than the new blackspade dm2 I just got.