My Trix~


I’ve just been playing with the yoyo for half a year and I hope my trix are not too sick~ :’(


Sick? The only thing which is sick, are your skills after only half a year!!! :wink:
Can’t believe that! Really impressive!

(Jei Cheetah) #3

Wow, only 1/2 a year?
Very good!
I am impressed, and I like where your style is going, kind of a speedy Lou Yi Cheng kind of tricks.

Very nice!



i loved the tricks, but the music kinda pushed me away, like i just couldn’t listen to that, but otherwise i loved the tricks they were great for half a year, but next vid just change the music, but i mean hey its all up to you


Extreemly good.


Very nice for half a year, I been playing for half a year and my tricks suck compare to yours.


lol~I really think I have to change the music, but this is the only music on my PC :’( I’ll change it later~haha~Thank u for your appreciation~ :wink: