My Trainwreck

I am not sure where this goes so ill put it here

My new raw trainwreck…

anyone know the rarity of this color?

That’s one… DROOOOOL.

For further notice:,13.0.html

:o that awsome


jealous :’(

thanks guys :wink:

Did you trade for that?

It is a regular TrainWreck, but just satined, making it look raw. I think…

So the rarity isn’t that high.

ya i traded it for it but trust me its raw

Mark, that’s sweet. Looks awesome with the clear die too…



I can see the Sanding Lines…

um no…how are you going to tell me what i have…this is a RAW trainwreck and i know it…so mind your buisness and stay out of peoples threads if you dont have anything good to say.

Sorry, just trying to be observant.

its ok

It does look good (and satined).

But good though :wink:

It could have been Raw originally and then satined just for better grinds, your never know.

what ever satined means…thanks

satin is when you sand it like if you have a 888 and sand it it will look raw

It is usually on a drill, and take some sanding paper to it. Used for better grinds and a Raw look. It leave little lines that is why I assumed it was Satined.

Oo I see