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So it turns out that a friend of a friend who I am know well aquatinted acquainted with owns a sandblasting company. After talking with him and doing a little explaining (he’s not a thrower) he would be happy to decoat one of my throws to raw! Here is the finished product, I’m going to polish it up and post a pic later! Tell me what you think, I would love feedback and might do jobs for people on request! :slight_smile: :


That looks amazing.


Looks awesome already, with a little polish it will look great. I wouldn’t recommend trying to mirror polish it though, that rough look is awesome.

Hows it grind?


I can’t even explain how beautiful that looks…


Looks lovely, but it’ll likely end up eating strings. Be sure to sand down the very inside of the catch zone.

It’s probably a bit too rough for grinding as well.

Still, I’m a fan of the look.


Looks good and all, but I would have masked the bearing seat and area around it, and take this from experience, it’s not fun polishing such a rough blast lol.


I agree. I totally like the look. But I’d like to see the catch zone sanded down for more of a satin finish and the bearing area done as smooth as possible to prevent string eating.


It was a good idea to start on a Maverick, or Dash-- I cant tell the difference from looking.




I like it a lot, but I would polish it just a little bit.


It looks like a big rock. I bet it grinds like a BOSS


or rips the skin off your finger :slight_smile: