My Thoughts on the Duncan Tour and Screaming Eagles

Just got home from the duncan tour it was great;

The Tour:

So, we get there and its about 12:50. We see the duncan Van, in the parking garage we’re at with, the crew outside getting ready. The whole day was great i Learned a lot of tricks and the rest of our quaint little Maryland club did too. The Crew Members there were:

Brandon Jackson
Mark Hayward
and Seth of Save Deth (last name escapes me im sorry bro)

They were all able to keep the little kids that were fascinated occupied, and still hang out with us at the same time. They do a great job and this became one of the best days of my life.

The Screaming Eagles:

Looked good, but i couldnt try it, they didnt have any out…

AMAZING, i loved it Seth took some video of me and a bunch of us other Schnobs playing with them…I was definitely gonna buy one until…


Best Screaming Eagle IMO, i loved it, Same epic finish as the MayheM but the shape is different but again better IMO. When you go on tour they are only 90 dollars so it was only 5 dollars more than a MayheM which made it epicly worth it. I would also like to mention that Demolition RED bought one and he is the biggest yoyo Shnob i know love you bro.


I Bolded this because its not out yet…I didnt spend a lot of time with her but it was really great. Shape was angular, but not uncomfortably so. The caps look great, and it really was agreat throw

PS: Im Jazzmonkay on the other forum i posted it on.

I’m bringing my two boys to the Nov 29th one @ The Toy Room in Bethel CT. Reading this just gets me that much more excited to go!!! ;D

Awesome! We didnt’ get to try the Vendetta or Momentum here, but awesome! Sounds like you had a great time, which just goes to show you that the Duncan people know what they are doing. :smiley:

theyre gonna be at yoyojoes in wilmington delaware this week, it may be closer than ct if you live in se PA

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I’ll be in CT w/ Family for Thanksgiving and they are only about 30min from there. That’s the day I’m comming home and I have to drive right by there. It’s going to be GREAT!!! Plus I’m in NEPA so either way CT is closer, but thanks for look’n out ;D