My Sweet new Looping yoyo!

My grandpa suprised me with this yoyoy for christmas he made it himself this is it next to my Majesty!

Does it work!?!?

Idk I haven’t tried it yet because my grandpa put a 7 ft rope on it and I have to try to find a deck to do it off of


well when you find it make sure you get some type of video with that!

I like the way your Grandpa thinks. It really looks nice.

That’s amazing!!! I want one!

At first I saw the yoyo was like aww that’s a cool idea to make a grandson a yoyo. Then read next to your majesty just like wow that is a massive yoyo lol

Ouch. Wouldn’t want to smack myself with that.

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Not sure if it would be a problem with a yoyo this size or not, but the world’s largest yoyo attempt burned through the string when they made it sleep. So yeah, I’d suggest using it sparingly. It’s pretty dang neat, though

Nice! I like it. But don’t hit yourself >.< Man that’s huge compared to your regular yo yo…Big string too…

When I saw the wooden yoyo my face was —> :slight_smile: when I saw it next to the majesty my face was —> 0_o

It must weigh as much as a bowling ball at least! But it’s still very nice!

Wow, real nice of your grandpa to make that for you! I would love to play with something like that, even if it is larger than my head.

Thats an epic Yoyo I wonder if you can do a trapeze with it!

hehehe “looping” yoyo

Shoot the moon turns into nuke the sun with a yoyo that big.

If you tried looping with it, the weight of the yoyo would pull all the bones out of your arm.

I want a vid