My son (B-Rad) is 19 today?


How in the world did I have a child 19 years ago? What was I thinking? Was I out of my mind? YES! Am I glad it happened though? HELL YES! I love you Brad. You are truly an interesting person and an awesome yoyoer! I hope you have fun tonight!

Happy Birthday mini-me!

(PutridNebula) #2

I thought I saw that last night on Manifestyo Happy birthday man!

(Q) #3

Already sent my wishes his way, sir!


Happy B-Day B-Rad! :slight_smile:


WORD!!! Happy B-Day B to the RAD!


Wow I didn’t know B-Rad was your son…

Anyway Happy Birthday.


i had no idea. anyway happy birthday b rad


Well, ya see there’s this thing like when…
Maybe you and me should have a little talk offline, ehh. :wink:

Oh, and BTW, HAPPY B’DAY B-RAD ::slight_smile:


Have a great birthday, Brad.


I hope you have a great birthday man! Have the best time of your life today! :wink:

(Bradley Moss) #11

Thanks everyone, I had a great day yesterday!


Don’t lie you balled like a baby typing that didn’t you??

Happy b-day Brad!!

(Mi) #13

He got an early happy birthday from me but didnt get it til his birthday xD

Happy Birthday AGAIN Brad :smiley: